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We found 3 car parking for you in Gurgaon:

Parking No. 1 of 3:
Building Type        : Empty plot
Security Features : Covered parking
Suitable for           : Parking Any Car & Shop
Expected Rent      : INR 10000 Per Month
Address                : near Ryan Enclave, Swami Ayyappa Temple, Gurgaon
  Longitude,Longitude : Please Login to see exact Google location & share on whatsapp.
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Parking No. 2 of 3:
Building Type        : Empty plot
Security Features : Array
Suitable for           : Parking Any Car , Shop and Office
Expected Rent      : INR 80000 Per Month
Address                : Plot no. 2 ,sector 17/18 dividing road , sarhol, Gurgaon, Sector 18, sarhol , Gurgaon, Gurgaon
Description          : Near Maruti true value , L1 & pasco
  Longitude,Longitude : Please Login to see exact Google location & share on whatsapp.
  Contact: Please Login to see contact details
Parking No. 3 of 3:
garage car parking in gurgaon
Building Type        : Independent house
Security Features : Security Gard
Suitable for           : Parking Small Car
Expected Rent      : INR 1000 Per Month
Address                : Sector 30, Sector 30, Near Shivam Hospita, Gurgaon
Description          : Inside the house near main gate and open air parking available for small car
  Longitude,Longitude : Please Login to see exact Google location & share on whatsapp.
  Contact: Please Login to see contact details

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If you have an unused parking space, land in gurgaon that you are not using then you can List your parking lot, garage for rent in gurgaon here.


Ans: Most car owners think about accident scenarios while taking car insurance. But it is important to think about protecting your car when it is parked. If you taking comprehensive coverage, then your parked car will also be covered in most cases like including the event of, A tree falls on your car, Hail while parking, flood, Fire, car Stolen or Vandalism.

Ans: An estimation of premium given by auto or car insurance company or brokers is called quote. Generally, car insurance quotes are given free, so you can get multiple quotes online or from Insurance agents to compare premiums and features. you should always COMPARE car INSURANCE before you buy by seeing there features and premium quotes.

Ans: If you are met an accident with another car whose driver does not have any insurance at all, you need to claim damages cost to your own insurance company. Few insurance companies provide additional coverage for Uninsured motorist that you can buy from your insurance company.

Ans: Yes, you can transfer your NCB to the new policy, it does not matter either you taking a new policy from the same or switching to other insurer company. But You need to provide a no-claim proof of your or renewal notice which shows you have NCB to the new insurance company.

Ans: Generally auto insurance company doesn't deny any accident claims unless they doubt on your given reason of accident or you doing reckless driving or giving wrong information about accident damages.

Answer: you can get the cheapest car insurance in gurgaon in two ways.
1. COMPARE car INSURANCE premium from different insurance companies before you buy.
2. Avail discounts in premium based on the following:
3. Installation of anti-theft devices (approved by Govt ).
4. Own Damage cover for a motor policy.
5. Buy required coverage that is useful to you. Don't buy all add-ons.
6. Set correct IDV (Insured Declared Value), better to make IDV equal to the current market value of your car. Higher IDV will increase your insurance premium.
7. Make sure if you have NCB in previous renewal notice should be included while calculating the premium.
8. Renew your insurance policy on time or otherwise, the insurance premium may get increased.
9. Check if there are any Concessions available for specially designed vehicles for the blind, mentally challenged or handicapped persons and it applies to you.
10. Check discount for Membership of Automobile Association if applicable for you.
11. Check discount for Membership of Vintage Cars if you have.

Answer: Yes,Hail Damage,paintless dent repair are covered with comprehensive insurance coverage. So, you can repair the auto body, windshield and interior damage caused by hail. If you having 3rd party, only auto liability coverage then the hail damage is not covered.

Answer: Donating a car to charity is a grateful decision. The best way to Donate a Car in gurgaon is to contact gurgaon Department of Motor Vehicles. you can find the latest information about state-specific requirements on their website.