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New York City (NYC) is the most populous city in the United States with a population of 18,804,000 distributed over about 302.6 square miles. New York City is also the most densely populated major city in the United States. The problem in New York City is that while the number of people and motor vehicles continues to grow, the land for roads remains fixed. New York is the only American city where the majority of households do not own cars, less than 50 percent of all households in the city own a car.NEW YORK CITY is known for many things - finance, fashion, tall buildings, high rents, yellow cabs, and the Yankees. There are many facilities available for Car owners in new york like Electric Vehicle charging Station, Gas Stations, Mobil Gas Station, car loans, car Mortgage, car accident lawyers Attorney, center to donating user cars to charity, etc

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List of auto insurance companies in New York City:

Company Name                                     Telephone Number       Website 

  1. A. Central Insurance Co. 800-234-6926 www.nycm.com
  2. Adirondack Insurance Exchange* 800-462-2123 www.aie-ny.com
  3. Allmerica Financial Alliance Ins Co.* 800-992-8427 www.hanover.com
  4. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-255-7828 www.allstate.com
  5. Allstate Insurance Co.* 800-255-7828 www.allstate.com
  6. American States Insurance Co. 800-699-3534 www.safeco.com
  7. Amica Mutual Insurance Co. 800-242-6422 www.amica.com
  8. Amica Property and Casualty 800-242-6422 www.amica.com
  9. Chubb National Insurance Co.* 866-324-8222 www.chubb.com/personal
  10. Citizens Insurance Co. of America 800-922-8427 www.hanover.com
  11. Country-Wide Insurance Co.* 800-796-9288 www.cwico.com
  12. Erie Insurance Co. 800-458-0811 www.erieinsurance.com
  13. Esurance Insurance Co. 800-378-7262 www.esurance.com
  14. Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-378-7262 www.esurance.com
  15. Foremost Insurance Co. Grand Rapids Michigan 888-888-0080 www.foremost.com
  16. Foremost Signature Insurance Co. 888-888-0080 www.foremost.com
  17. Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-531-8722 www.usaa.com
  18. GEICO General Insurance Co. 800-841-3000 www.geico.com
  19. GEICO Indemnity Co. 800-841-3000 www.geico.com
  20. Government Employees Insurance Co. 800-841-3000 www.geico.com
  21. Hartford Casualty Insurance Co. 800-624-5578 www.thehartford.com
  22. Hartford Underwriters Insurance Co. 800-541-3717 www.thehartford.com
  23. Integon National Insurance Co. 800-462-2123 www.ngic.com
  24. Kemper Independence Insurance Co.* 800-216-6347 www.kemper.com
  25. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 800-699-3534 www.libertymutual.com
  26. LM General Insurance Co. 800-699-3534 www.libertymutual.com
  27. LM Insurance Corporation 800-699-3534 www.libertymutual.com
  28. Massachusetts Bay Insurance Co. 800-922-8427 www.hanover.com
  29. Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Co. 844-569-3607 www.metlife.com
  30. Metropolitan Group Property & Casualty Insurance Co. 844-569-3607 www.metlife.com
  31. Mid Century Insurance Co. 800-493-4917 www.farmers.com
  32. National General Assurance Co. 800-462-2123 www.ngic.com
  33. National General Insurance Co. 800-462-2123 www.ngic.com
  34. National General Insurance Online, Inc 800-462-2123 www.ngic.com
  35. Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co. of America* 877-669-6877 www.nationwide.com
  36. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.* 877-669-6877 www.nationwide.com
  37. New South Insurance Co. 800-462-2123 www.ngic.com
  38. New York Central Mutual Fire Ins Co. 800-234-6926 www.nycm.com
  39. Preferred Mutual Insurance Co.* 800-333-7642 www.preferredmutual.com
  40. Progressive Advanced Ins Co. 800-776-4743 www.progressive.com
  41. Progressive Casualty Ins Co. 800-776-4743 www.progressive.com
  42. Progressive Max Ins Co. 800-776-4743 www.progressive.com
  43. Progressive Specialty Ins Co. 800-776-4743 www.progressive.com
  44. Property & Casualty Insurance Co. of Hartford 800-429-4545 www.thehartford.com
  45. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. Agents Listed www.statefarm.com
  46. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Agents Listed www.statefarm.com
  47. The Hanover Insurance Co. 800-922-8427 www.hanover.com
  48. Travelers Personal Insurance Co. 866-522-1338 www.travelers.com
  49. Travelers Personal Security Insurance Co. 866-522-1338 www.travelers.com
  50. United Services Automobile Association 800-531-8222 www.usaa.com
  51. Unitrin Safeguard Insurance Co. 800-216-6347 www.kemper.com
  52. USAA Casualty Insurance Co. 800-531-8222 www.usaa.com
  53. USAA General Indemnity Co. 800-531-8722 www.usaa.com

List of Gas station in new york:

Driveworks Tire and Auto Center, Mobil, 117th St Auto Services, 

BP Auto Repair Shop, ZA & D. Service Station, Sunset Fuel, 60 11 Boulevard Station Inc, Dom's Ultra Auto Repair Inc., Sunoco Gas Station, American Quick Start & Gas Inc, BISMA MOBIL, bp, Mc Fer Services Station, Queens Boulevard Auto Services, Downstate Gas & Food Inc, H Farmer Service Center, 278 Fuel Stop, Gulf West New York, Gujrat Service Station, KINGS FLATBUSH EXTENSION C-STORE, Speedway, Kharian Gas & Lube, Caton & Coney Car Care Center, Shell, Hudson Gas & Auto - Sunoco - Quick & Fresh, EMPIRE AUTO REPAIRS INC, KINGS ATLANTIC C-STORE, BP shop, CONOCO

List of Electric vehicle charging station in new york:

1. ChargePoint Charging Station EVgo Charging Station 589 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, +18774943833 

2. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station - 95 North End Ave +1 888-758-4389 

3. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station - 330 W 39th St +1 888-758-4389 

4. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 1114 6th Ave +1 888-758-4389 

5. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 225 W 49th St +1 888-758-4389 6. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 475 Park Ave S +1 888-758-4389 7. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 375 Park Ave +1 888-758-4389 8. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 1 Pennsylvania Plaza +1 888-758-4389 9. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 225 Rector Pl +1 888-758-4389 10. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 3 E 54th St +1 888-758-4389 11. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 1214 5th Ave +1 888-758-4389 12. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 750 Lexington Ave +1 888-758-4389 13. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 122 W 3rd St +1 888-758-4389 14. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 300 E 56th St +1 888-758-4389 15. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station 214 W 88th St +1 888-758-4389 16. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station - 77 W 24th St +1 888-758-4389 17. ChargePoint Charging Station - Electric vehicle charging station +1 888-758-4389

List of Auto Repair Car Service Station in new york:

1. NYC Auto Repair - State Inspection 324 E 95th St +1 212-643-5678 

2. Midtown Center Auto Repair & Body Shop 537 W 38th St +1 212-629-1028 

3. Prestige Auto Repair & Towing Car Service Station - 2015 3rd Ave 4. West Village Auto Repair Car Service Station - 743 Greenwich St +1 212-691-2020 5. New York Auto Repair of Brooklyn Car Service Station - 1422 Neptune Ave +1 718-266-2924 6. New York Auto of L.I.C Inc Car Service Station - 2110 38th Ave +1 718-374-4766 7. Urban Classics Auto Repair Car Service Station - 56 Kosciuszko St +1 718-622-8484 8. Steven and Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc Car Service Station 613 11th Ave # 615 +1 212-977-5556 9. Manhattan Auto Care Auto body shop - 275 Delancey St +1 212-353-0125 10. Manhattan Auto Repair, Inc. Car Service Station - 552 W 48th St +1 212-757-4366 11. East New York Auto Center Car Service Station - 570 E New York Ave +1 718-221-4664 12. Auto Care East Car Service Station - 243 E 94th St +1 212-988-1515 13. Active Auto Repair NYC - Inspection Station Car Service Station 324 E 95th St +1 212-967-7222 14. Quality Auto Services Car Service Station - 516 W 39th St +1 212-244-4420 15. Steve's Auto Repair Auto machine shop - 615 W 46th St +1 212-268-5866 16. Best NY Auto Repair Car Service Station - 8683 18th Ave +1 718-837-9468 17. United Auto Repair Car Service Station - 236 E 83rd St +1 212-744-0615 18. Best Auto Repair NYC Car Service Station - 1760 Flatbush Ave +1 718-258-9797

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